Should you learn PDR?

Quick answer, yes.

Why would we say that, you may wonder? Well, first we want to sell dent removal tools. More people involved equates to more sales.

But additionally, and likely far more important is, as more talent enters the industry, the better the industry gets. 

Competition is good for capitalism. 

If a new tech shows up on the scene, challenges status quo, the one’s that lose aren’t quality techs anyway…..

Now what if you are an auto body tech or a painter in the autobody industry or peripheral to PDR industries? 


Every auto body tech or painter, peripheral tech in the country understands the need for paintless dent removal. The typical answer (which is great one) for most shops is to call a professional paintless dent tech in to remove the damage.

Said professionals charges vary. But typically a quarter sized dent will cost a shop 75-150 dollars depending on location, depth, etc.

So the question now is: If there were dent removal tools and training that gave you the opportunity to repair some of those dings and dents yourself would it be worth it?

Again, we say yes!

You make more money, create efficiency within the job cycle, and the whole process moves smoother. Of course this is dependent on how well you’ve picked up how to perform dent repair.

So if you could handle five dents a month for your shop, what profit does that yield?  Could you make an extra $250 a month? What if your skills were really good? A lot more. (We will get into what dent guys make in another article.)

With all that being said, there are many paintless dent training schools out there. You can apprentice. Our advice isn’t a PDR training school or apprenticing though. Well, not yet. 

We suggest you take our free online video course. LINK BELOW.

This way, you can gather the basic instruction, not invest thousands into PDR tools and pulse check yourself to see if you have what it takes to get through some basic instruction. BTW, you can buy PDR tools right on

If you choose the free online PDR course, you can most certainly purchase what you need to learn with as each of our courses will link you to whats needed to perform taught repairs. (No ulterior motive here! haha)

As a side note, the basic tools necessary to begin learning are a PDR light. ONE dent removal tool, (a rod.) A hammer and knockdown. You can get this type of PDR kit for less than $200.00.

When you move into glue pulling, both cold and hot glue, you will need different tools. We have glue pulling kits available too!

If you want access to our training site, please follow this link! Free online training!

Once you’ve gone through training online, decide if investing thousands of dollars on a few weeks training is worth it! If you decide to find someone to mentor you in PDR then, go get it! 

FYI, if you end up wanting to do a full training course, let us know. 

Want to know where to buy PDR tools? 

We can certainly assist with this as well….